Pre-Ordering for Schools

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Due to health requirements, we're now limiting paper forms. Red text are links

Remember to create an account with us and add our information, (478)304-4219 & [email protected], to your contact lists to ensure receipt of your child's gallery and other notices.

  • Pre-Order before the deadline and avoid *additional cost.
  • We choose the pose for and deliver your order to the school for pickup.
  • A few days after picture day, you'll receive an email or text with a link to your student's gallery. From the gallery, additional items, such as; phone cases, buttons, mugs, etc.,  can be purchased.


Picture Day (what we do)

  • We photograph any student that has pre-ordered or provided an order form with payment. 
  • The student's photographs on our preschool sets will have full length and closeup images. 
  • The student's photographs on traditional backdrops will have closeup images.
  • To remain on schedule and avoid distractions, parents are not allowed in the camera room/picture area.

Additional Ordering Online

  • After receiving an email or text with a link to your child's gallery, select an image and then Shop to view all items available for purchase.
  • When using a mobile device, click the gray circle just right of the item's title to view a detailed description.

MakeUp Day​​​​​​

  • When necessary, a makeup day will be scheduled on a date determined by the school & the photographer.
  • Makeup day is for absentees or students missed due to mistakes by the school or photographer. Because sometimes children are fearful, crying or have unique expressions; exceptions may be made but shall be determined by the photographer only.



*Additional cost from utilizing paper order forms start at $5 per item.

To minimize mistakes, order forms should be legible, fully complete with payment included and turned in to the school on picture day morning.

If you still have questions, contact us or drop a comment here. Thanks!


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